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Pasta with sun dried tomato Fagone

Another super easy recipe!

The ingredients:

- pasta (your favorite type)

- sun dried tomato Fagone

- extra virgin olive oil

- garlic (optional)

That's it! Just three ingredients to make such a great dish and it'll take you only 10 minutes!


1. start boiling the pasta

2. in a pan, put the olive oil (1 to 2 tablespoons per person), gently soft fry the garlic (optional) and add the sun dried tomato.

3. once the pasta is almost ready, take it out from the pot and stir it in the pan together with the rest of the ingredients for about one minute. Add a little bit of olive oil if it looks dry. Serve it hot and enjoy!

Cooking tips: remember never rinse the pasta after boiled!! In addition to these basic ingredients you can add a little bit of fresh chopped italian parsley. In this case we have used spaghetti, but any other type of pasta would nicely match the sun dried tomato

Serving recommendations: this dish goes very well with grated cheese. Try Parmigiano Reggiano or one of your favourite matured cheese.

Buon appetito!

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