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About Us


The Passion of Authentic Food and Italian Lifestyle 


Love the world. Love the people. 

The nature has been giving us beautiful food but mostly we can see only what the market feeds especially in cities where economy, finance, sales, shopping and luxury lifestyle are emphasized. 

STAGIONI believes everyone in the world should have the right to choose the food they eat while the market and media should give the right information about the food and supply the genuine products to the market.
We also believe the nature has provided adequate food for human being and we should enjoy the just amount of what we need is genuine, natural, healthy and tasty.


Artisanal food products from Italy produced by local farmers for the 3rd-4th family generation are carried currently as Italy was the first successfully introduce the Mediterranean Diet. Our mission is to promote the recognition and awareness of genuine food, the benefit of Mediterranean and healthy lifestyle through the business. 

People who are looking for true food, healthy lifestyle, authenticity or interested in dining culture will have us sharing the genuine food, joy and life by the dining table. This is what Mediterranean lifestyle about, gathering with delicious food. 

We select according to the brand profile, taste, production process, packaging and the certificate of the food obtained. We support the DOP, DOC, DOCG-certified products in Italy and AOC-certified products in south of France, and particularly look for biological products and ensure the production without harmful chemical substances. Also Slow Food recognition, awards like BioL and publisher like Gambero Rosso are references on our product selection.

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