Do you know Parma is the first Italian city to receive UNESCO City of Gastronomy? The importance of short food chain for sustainable production and consumption is highly concerned.

In early this year, Parma was designated Italian Capital of Culture 2020 representing a p...

Cheese was believed to be first produced with sheep milk thousand years ago. By Roman time, cheese was daily aliment and cheese-making became an art which made Italian cheese one of the most important world delicacy. Pecorino is a testament to southern Italy’s ancient...

How to tell the differences between cooking artisan pasta and industrial pasta? If we ignore some basic aspects and treat them in the same way, we might not be able to make a distinction. Many people have less appropriate habits of cooking pasta due to lack of authenti...

It's prepared by the bee farmer in Italy and it contains ONLY two ingredients:

Organic Acacia honey (75%) and

Organic P.G.I. Hazelnuts (25%)

The hazelnuts are certified P.G.I, superior quality and come from Piedmont region, north Italy.

Excellent for breakfast or te...

Another super easy recipe!

The ingredients:

- pasta (your favorite type)

- sun dried tomato Fagone  

- extra virgin olive oil

- garlic (optional)

That's it! Just three ingredients to make such a great dish and it'll take you only 10 minutes!


1. start boiling t...

Try this super delicious recipe, enriched by the tasteful touch of Fagone sun dried tomato. The method is traditional and similar to "the hunter's chicken" recipe, few ingredients and easy to prepare. The result is juicy, aromatic and yummy!

These are the ingredients:


【中秋特別加開】3/10 - 7/10

Additional Preview session at Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. COME and PICK your favourite olive wood for your festival gathering!

October 3rd-7th @11:00am -19:00pm

Inbox/ Tel 311080...

Organics have continued to expand over the last decade. Organic farming is a way of producing food that respects natural life cycles. It minimises the human impact on the environment and operates as naturally as possible, in accordance with objectives and principles in...

Mediterranean Diet Pyramid


WHO developed guide in 1994 to help popularize a diet associated with reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.


Emphasizes olive oil, breads, whole grain cereals, nuts, fish, dred beans, vegetables, and fruits; and wine in moderation.



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