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Stew chicken with sun dried tomato Fagone

Try this super delicious recipe, enriched by the tasteful touch of Fagone sun dried tomato. The method is traditional and similar to "the hunter's chicken" recipe, few ingredients and easy to prepare. The result is juicy, aromatic and yummy!

These are the ingredients:

- one whole chicken (cut into large chunks)

- half carrot

- one celery rib

- one onion

- extra virgin olive oil

- one glass of white wine

- some bay leaves

- some rosemary

- green or black olives (optional)

- sun dried tomato Fagone!


1. cut the carrot, the celery and the onion into small dices and soft fry them in a large pot together with the olive oil. The fire should be very low.

2. once the veggies are soft fried, (about 5 minutes) switch to high fire, add the chicken, add the wine and let it evaporate well.

3. lower the fire, add the sun dried tomato, the herbs, the olives and water (one glass) up to cover half of the chicken.

4. put the lid on the pot and stew in low fire for about 40 min. That's it! Serve hot and enjoy!

Cooking tips: the final result should be juicy, not dry, nor watery. So have a look while stewing in order to control the water quantity. If there is too much water, take out the lid from the pot to help water evaporate, if there is too little water, simply add it up.

Serving suggestions: as italian juicy recipe this dish is best served with bread, crusty, european bread.

Storage: the chicken can be stored in refrigerator, well closed in hermetic food container, for few days, or in the freezer for about two months. To reheat, just add little water.

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